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Hello and welcome to Ailuronymy, a blog that specialises in traditional naming, Warriors culture and character development. Please read Housekeeping before asking in, and check the lists before requesting prefixes or suffixes.

Please do not ask about tribe names.

It's also a good idea to check the other links in this sidebar, as many are full of interesting information, frequently asked questions or fun activities to mess about with.

The askbox is always open. Ailuronymy will not reply to reblog comments. If you have something to say, that's what the askbox is for.

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Currently, there is only one writer for this blog (Grey Lunarfaith, though these days it seems that Charlie Grey or Jack 'Pumpkinhead' Frostington is just as good; or Dandelionheart, since this is a Warriors blog, after all). Pleasure to meet you.

All anonymous askers are referred to affectionately as 'Ruddles', which is another word for a marigold plant. Do not be alarmed by this, please. It is an old in-joke.

The Guidelines.

Housekeeping: important.

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Hallowed Collection of Suffixes.

Nontraditional Prefixes

Nontraditional Suffixes.

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Warriors-ify Collection.

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Warriors Name Game.


Stock Kitties: an excellent photography blog for non-copyright images.
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